About Hair Care Products

"Thanks so much for sending me your product (Leave-In). I absolutely love it. I'm so happy to have some... heck, my hair is too!!"
- Pam in Oregon

Head Room Productions

I've been dyeing my hair for about fifteen years and always struggled to find hair care products that nourish and revitalize my hair. A few years ago I started using Head Room's Leave-In Treatment and immediately found my hair went from being dull, dry, and lifeless to being shiny, full bodied, and healthy. I've been using it ever since and have been extremely pleased with the results. I use it alone for a light, natural look or combo it with other styling products when I want to achieve more dramatic affects. My hair is now always soft, manageable, and beautiful. I can't rave enough about the Leave-In!

˜ T. R. Oakland, CA

I can't live without the mousse (which I give to friends for Christmas presents), and the wax- which I not only use on my hair, but also my eyebrows to give them a sleek line.
˜ Jennifer S., Albany, CA

Three great reasons to love Head Room Productions... First, the haircut/style-I can say 100% of the time I am happy with how I look... wasn't the case before I met Nanci! Second, there is the "Leave-in "... like we say in French, "l'essayer c'est l'adopter!!!" once you try it, you cannot live without it! Definitively the greatest hair product I have ever used! And last but not least, there is Nanci... who always manages to make my haircut experience a pleasant one!

˜ Francine G., Walnut Creek, CA

The most difficult adjustment I had to go through moving from Brussels was to find a hairdresser! One of my very sophisticated friend who lived in New York, told me about Nanci and my quest was over! It has been now more than 3 years and I have become blond (much more convenient for the white hairs....) and naturally curly (much more convenient than the daily straightening). Thanks to her products, my hair is not so dry and much healthier. And last but not least, I love her personality: it is always fun and relaxing to go there. A real multitasking woman! Go and try her!
˜ Heddy R., Oakland, CA

"Nanci has been cutting and coloring my hair for 15 years; I can't imagine trusting my hair to anyone else. People approach me in public to complement my haircut and ask who cuts my hair. Her custom-designed hair products are great, too."
˜ Nancy P., Kensington, CA

"Nanci!!!!!!!!!!!!! u have the best "treatment" ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
˜ F.R.- Hairstylist, Berkeley,CA