Essential Hair Cleanser
Essential Hair Cleanser

It´s a shampoo that never gets boring! Thoroughly cleanses without any “build-up” whatsoever. Fresh clean scent. Truly great for all hair types.

8 FL OZ.  $12.00   Out of Stock
16 FL OZ.   $ 20.00
Nourishing Hair Cleanser
Nourishing Hair Cleanser

Moisture is this shampoo´s middle name! That´s why it is recommended for dry and chemically treated hair in small amounts.

16 FL OZ. $24.00 Out of Stock
8 FL OZ.     $ 15.00

** We are happy to send you 2-8oz bottles for the price of 1-16oz bottle.

Adjustable Conditioner
Adjustable Conditioner

For anyone who thinks they don´t need conditioner, we offer you this lightweight yet extremely effective conditioner.

16 FL OZ.   $ 22.00
8 FL OZ.   $ 14.95
Enriching Hair Conditioner
Enriching Hair Conditioner

We packed this one with moisture enhancers to help your naturally dry or chemically treated hair regain it´s balance and beauty.

8 FL OZ.     $19.00
16 FL OZ.   $26.00
Leave-in Treatment

This product is a must have!!! It is a panacea for all hair types. It can be used for moisturizing, control, adding body, adding shine.

   8 FL OZ.   $ 18.50
16 FL OZ.   $ 28.00
Gel Mousse

First, you have to get beyond how delicious it smells to appreciate how wonderful a product this is.

7 FL OZ.   $ 19.00
Hair Wax

Second to none, our wax not only helps create texture, control, shine and volume (if you want it), but it also does so with absolutely zero build-up.

2 FL OZ.  $18.00   Out of Stock
4 FL OZ.   $ 27.00
Hair Putty

For those of us who prefer the matte finish, this one´s for you. That doesn´t mean you have to be low-key, just low shine. Lots of texture and separation.

4 FL OZ.  $19.00   Out of Stock
2 FL OZ.   $ 16.50
Texture Styling Cream

Add a tiny bit of this cream to any other product for that extra oomph. It´ll lift you up where things were getting a bit flat. Let´s call it a "bodifyer"

4 FL OZ.  $15.00   
Available in store only
Thermal Hair Glaze

When you want to pull out those curls and calm down that frizz, call upon this product! You´ll also get lots of extra shine.

4 FL OZ.  $18.00   
Available in store only
Shaping Spray

Our spray is a “workable/brushable” spray. When you are ready for the final version, just hit it with the blow dryer.

Purchase in store only

10 FL OZ.   $ 21.00
Available in store only
Mini Shaping Spray

The purse size version of our hairspray. Helmet head? No thank you!

2 FL OZ.   $ 16.00
Available in store only