About Hair Care Products

"My clients deserve the best and I take pride in giving each customer the individual attention they require"
˜ Nanci Pecker, owner

Nanci Pecker, owner/developer of HRP, is one-of-a-kind in her field. She is an A1 hairstylist who refuses to base her work on templates or fashion trends. Instead she creates hairstyles to suit the wearer. Nanci believes that the consult is the most important part of the process and is the key to a satisfied customer.

This holds true for product use as well. How many of us have purchased product after product only to bring it home and let it sit on the shelf? This is why her website is here not only to sell products but to educate you in how to use them.

Head Room Productions hair care products have been sold locally for 15 years. Now, Nanci wants to share them with everyone out there.These products are the result of Nanci's constant effort towards perfection. She wants her clients to use the best no matter what it takes! You can contact Nanci if you are interested in a �live or virtual consultation.